Tuesday, December 6, 2011

La la la you can't make me la la la

Day 6 -- Prompt: List 10 things you would never do. Courtesy of Katrina at katrinatripled.blogspot.com.

1. Have a surgery that wasn't life-saving or ultimately absolutely necessary. I'm terrified of anesthesia.

2. Quit my job and strike out on my own as a nomad. As delightful as it would be to have no responsibilities and travel around, it's just not how I'm made.

3. Go spelunking. Jack wants someday to do the underground tours of Carlsbad Caverns, and to this, I give him a hearty "No thank you."

4. Celebrate New Year's Eve in Times Square. Or, really, even in Las Vegas. (I think this might make the top three Worst Nightmares I Can Imagine list.)

5. Not take care of my parents when and if they needed it, or allow anything to jeopardize the relationship I have with my parents. More and more lately, I recognize how lucky I am to have such a good relationship with them.

6. Jump willingly from a plane, platform, mountain, or otherwise high place that would require a parachute and a change of underwear.

7. Run for President. Mostly of the United States, but really of anything, probably.

8. Compromise my beliefs for any one or any thing.

9. Give up teaching The Great Gatsby in any American Literature-based course I teach. (courtesy of Emily Beaver, my former APEL student and published authoress)

10. Blindly allow an affiliation (political party, religion, job status, union, membership, etc.) to define what I think about an issue, the issues that I care about, or how I live my life inside my brain.

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  1. I visited Carlsbad Caverns on vacation when I was a kid, and while I have absolutely ZERO interest in spelunking too, I'll tell you that it's nothing like that. It doesn't even really feel like you're underground, because the ceiling is so vastly high. It's like walking around on a really weird movie set, like for an alien movie, in an airplane hangar. Back in the day, there used to be a cafeteria in there in one little corner of it, if that gives you a sense of scale.

    Not trying to talk you into it, but it's not like what you think. :)