Friday, January 14, 2011

The Time is Now 5:27 p.m....

... and it is Friday. And I am still at school.

::face plant onto desk::

Oh, the joys of Finals week. I did, however, just finish just about everything that I needed to do to get grades updated to reflect their final grades, save a pile of essays to grade and some make-up/late work to muddle through. But since school ended at 1:01 pm, I have been really rather productive.

I have ...
* graded 80 sets of final exam short answer questions.
* run 80 Scantrons through the Scantron machine. These Scantrons were double sided and slightly cranky.
* Graded 40 final exam essays
* Recorded 6 sets of grades at 80 grades each.
* Created two new bulletin boards (pictures to follow) -- one reflecting on my students' "This I Believe" speeches and one for our first sophomore unit of second semester, Shakespeare and Julius Caesar.
* Recorded a stack of late/make up work of approximately 4" in height from five periods' worth of students. THis is one of my absolute LEAST favorite adventures in teacher land: the late work pile.
* Exported and updated my grades onto my school website and adding an announcement to it to alert the kids to the changes.
* climbed all over desks to remove rogue staples from my bulletin boards that aren't "done up" yet. I'm OCD about my bulletin boards. THey must not have staples lurking in them, unless said staples are holding things onto the board.

And now, I think I'm going to basically just teleport my body home and leave everything exactly as it is. My classroom is a disaster, but at this point, given that it's now 5:33 and dinner time looms, it's inevitable that I'm going to have to come back at some point this weekend not only to clean up my classroom, but also make the zillions of copies I need to survive at LEAST Tuesday, the first day of a new semester.

Thus, onward. Cattywhompus desks and random piles of grading and paper be damned. There's always tomorrow at Tara.

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